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WVU Austin Alumni
Membership Application

We are alumni, family, and friends of WVU. Membership is open to all.

Annual dues are $20 for an individual and $30 for a family. The membership year runs from January 1st through December 31st. If you pay during football season, you will be a paid member through December 31, of THAT year.

Your dues are used to support the operations of the chapter, including web hosting; social events; and watch parties.

Volunteer members run our chapter. A sizable portion of the money we raise goes to our scholarship fund. Once endowed, the fund will annually award a scholarship to a WVU student from Central Texas. Paying dues also gives you voting privileges and the right to run for chapter office.

To join, complete the following information and submit with your payment.

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    Year Graduated

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    Volunteer to Join one of our Committees

    Old Gold, New Blue – Kick off our 1st year supporting the University’s recruiting efforts in TX
    Philanthropy – Assist in fundraising ideas. Last year our chapter distributed $1,180 to charitable causes.
    Social Committee – Assist in organizing game watches, happy hours and other social events
    Family Events – Assist to organize fun family events
    WVU at TX Football Game Friday Night Party and Tailgate Party on Game Day – Assist to plan and execute the details for our 3rd biannual Friday night party before the WV-TX game on 11/12/16. New this year, there will also be a tailgate party the day of the game.

    Volunteer Committees
    Old Gold, New Blue
    Social Committee
    Family Events
    WVU at UT Football Game
    I'll decide later